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F***! Bipolar Depression & Anger

I apologize for the break in my writing. These last few years have been especially tough, as I know it has been for many people. I have...

Bipolar & Covid

In one interview, with 2Pac, the interviewer stated, “Well, at least being in jail gives you plenty of time to write great songs.” 2Pac...


I apologize for my hiatus. As I am sure many of you have experienced or are experiencing, depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, mood...

Extreme Fatigue Side Effect

I finally found a drug that gets me to sleep at night. The problem is that it gets me sleeping too well. As in, 14 hours a night.

No Sleep Equals Defeat

I told my psychiatrist that if I did not get some sleep in the next day or two that I would end up overdosing & back in the hospital again

The Wild Wild West of Mood Shifts

Bipolar & Treatment Resistant Depression are a bitch. They can feel like the Wild West of Mood Shifts. Everyday, underscored by instability.

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