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That's Your Cue(s)

While it can be hard to recognize cues once you are in a bipolar mood cycle, it can still be worth keeping an eye out for them.

Disconnected & Depressed

One of the many shitty things about being bipolar is never knowing just how long the low-lows and the high-highs are going to last.

Not Quite

One of the hardest mindsets to fight with depression and anxiety is the constant feeling that you are a failure and "never good enough."


Bipolar drags me from the extreme high and lows of life on a daily basis. Finding a middle ground is a constant, frustrating battle.


Depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, mood disorders. Depression leaves you filled with 1,000 of questions and absolutely no answers.

2 Faced

For me, living with bipolar has meant constantly living amidst the violent pull down to depression or up to hypomania.

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