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Exercise. If You Tell Me it’s as Good as an Anti-Depressant One More Time…

Exercise. How many times have I heard from those not in the know, exercise is supposed to be just as good as an anti-depressant? Clearly, these people have never been depressed. When simply getting out of bed seems as daunting as a marathon, I can confidently say that actually running a marathon wouldn't have done shit to save me from depression. That being said though, I do believe that it has its place in helping fight depression.

Personally, running has always been my go to. While it may not drag me out of my depression, it gives me a break from the relentless torture of my mind. There is something about the pounding on the pavement, pushing through the physical pain and zoning out to some workout music that allows me a moment of peace. A coping mechanism. Is my depression miraculously cured after I go for a run? Absolutely not. However, even while it may be fleeting, it does give me an immediate release from the powerful blows of depression. After the run, sometimes the sense of accomplishment can even act as a little boost in my mood. At least for that day. Do you find exercise as a helpful outlet in your depression?

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